Espen Brunborg


Espen Brunborg is an Norwegian designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. In 2010, he co-founded Primate, a small web agency driven by a love of creativity, curiosity for technology, and a belief that great clients are born from honest relationships.

He started his career as a magazine designer before trying his luck at a small Edinburgh design studio.

When he was let go after only three months he chanced upon a job as a web designer, and the rest is history. Espen now spends most of his time trying to bridge the gap between graphic design and what we call web design. Is there a difference, really? Should there be?

Over the years, Espen has worked with clients like Edinburgh University,, WWF Scotland, Thistle Foundation, Waterstons, Children 1st, and The Scottish Salmon Company.

He has never had an exhibition or a book written about him, but he once thought he was up for the “Young Norwegian of the Year” award, only to find out it was a prank executed by a Swedish client.

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